About Us


Outstanding Feature Development (OFD) Company is comprised of various technical experts, specialized in developing and manufacturing smart and connected devices for consumer and business application. Our approach is to leverage the proven engineering and manufacturing expertise of professionals in Shenzhen, as it fast becomes one of the world’s most advanced centres of innovation. We utilise our access and localised talent skillsets, to provide turnkey solutions covering:
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
We provide full project management for our customer's entire Smart/connected device product development and manufacturing processes, serving a broad range of customers around the world. Our existing capabilities are very valuable for the clients who want high quality results, in a fast-tracked manner.


Our purpose is to help our clients realise their goals through our new product development solutions. We are passionate about helping our client’s visions come to life, seeking to align ourselves with their goals and objectives. We are committed to overcoming obstacles and driving efficiencies, leveraging our extensive technical expertise to your advantage.
We understand the passion and importance of each and every project. Your project becomes our project, meaning that we treat every aspect of the process with due care, attention and respect, to ensure success.


Our firm’s inception dates back to November 2009, where we began as an agency that sourced a wide range of products across all regions of China. We provided a range of consumer products to quality sensitive customers from over 20 countries. We dealt with plastic, metal, wood, bamboo, textiles and electronics, across those projects.
From that success, we later merged with a business that was supplying high quality electronic components to international and local Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. It became clear that with a focus on the development and manufacturing of smart and connected devices, we could add a lot more value for our customers, helping them significantly reduce development time and establish a more reliable supply chain. In some cases, we cut our customer’s product development time by more than half. This was achieved because of our experience with determining and selecting the right hardware solutions and suppliers in previous projects.
Quite often, our engineers and associates had previously produced something similar to what our new customers needed. If established solutions didn’t exist already, we would still be well place to build the hardware from upstream components such as sensors, connectivity modules or SoC of choice. In such cases, we would benefit from the much stronger technical support various chip manufacturers afforded us, than they were providing most customers alone.
With all this experience, expertise and relationships at our client’s disposal, our service offering doesn’t stop there. We are well placed to prototype the concept and then select the manufacturers that are the right fit in terms of size and capability, meaning we are able to take the project from the design stage to the manufacturing stage with ease. Our clients see significant savings from competitive bidding of BOMs and manufacturing contracts.
We have built a strong network of logistics over the years. Our customers don’t need to worry about shipping the finished goods to their countries. We take care of such operations by selecting shipping solutions that are efficient, cost effective and reliable.
For more information about our well-rounded services and how to get started, you can view our portfolio of services here.


Founded to provide sourcing services for businesses in the US and EU
Merged with a leading electronic component supply chain business
Increased focus on the development and manufacturing of smart and connected devices
Released the beta of our proprietary project management platform Fountain [www.fountain-apps.com]
Corporate rebranding to Outstanding Feature Development Company